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In the past the Blue Goose New York City Pond has held donations for our troops.

2010 Golf Outing Donation List:

Below is a list for the troop donations.

It is very detailed but offers a large selection.


For many of our soldiers they get to eat one hot meal a day, anything else is left to donations or care packages.

The following list is the most common items needed.  Due to improved policies and regulations the following cannot be sent: 


Things that cannot be accepted:

Glass bottles or Jars

Aerosol Cans or Sprays

Expired Food

Canned Food

Hotel Samples ( due to allergy problems - all items must list ingredients )

Hard Cover Books

NO Chocolate ( It will melt in the hot weather)


Please make sure all items are sealed/ individually packaged.  The troop donations get boxed up by individual and sent directly to the soldier in need.

Large bulk items that are purchased must be able to be split into individually pre-packaged items.


Food and Snacks 

Beef Jerky/ Slim Jims

Pumpkin Seeds/ Sunflower Seeds

Gum/ Hard Candy

Granola or Protein Bars

Fig Newtons, dried fruit packs, fruit gummies

Tuna Fish in foil packets ( no cans) remixed and ready to eat

Instant Drink packets- Crystal light, gatorade, kool-aid

Trail mix, Dried Fruit,

Dry soup packets

Ramen noodles

Peanuts or mixed nuts packets

Cheese and crackers packets

Instant Oatmeal packets

Rice Krispie Treats


Travel Size Only

Baby Wipes

Hand Sanitizer

Body Wash

Shampoo & Conditioner

Eye Drops

Nasal Spray



Shaving cream in a tube only

Cotton Swabs  ( Q-tips)

Band Aids, gauze pads, first aid kits

lip balm

Baby powder



Sunblock  45 or higher, zinc, aloe vera gel

bug spray


toothpaste, tooth brushes, dental floss,

old toothbrushes for cleaning their guns ( put in a ziplock baggie and label used)


cough drops,


Feminine pads

cotton balls,

tylenol, motrin, advil, aspirin packets

moleskin, shoe insole cushions

nail files


Batteries, aa, aaa, and c are most requested 

Pens, Pencils

Stationery & envelopes

crossword puzzles

word search books,


mad libs

playing cards,


poker chips,

uno, othello, checkers, Any travel size game

nerf footballs,

whiffle balls,


hackey sack



Please don't forget our military dogs:


Dog treats,

Kong toys,

small plastic jars of peanut butter ( dogs love peanut butter )

latex toys for dogs]











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